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Happy Year of the Horse

February 2, 2014

It’s a new year, a Chinese new year that is and there is no more vibrant a cultural celebration in Melbourne than this one. We have the oldest continual Chinese settlement in the Western world (San Fran’s was destroyed by an earthquake) and at one point our Chinese represented some 10% of the population. The opium dens and gambling houses are all gone now but it’s still a wonderful time and place to be in Melbourne.


So what is to be expected in this year of the horse? Well if you know anyone born in 1918 or in 12 year multiples of it (1930, 1942…), keep an eye on them, they will be easily offended and struggle to keep a harmonious relationship with colleagues. “If they would like to get married in the year, it is strongly suggested to select an auspicious date according to the dates of birth of the bride and the bridegroom, or they will suffer a lot in marriage.” So now you know.


If you missed the celebrations, the Docklands dragon will be hanging around till mid Feb. With over 1600 metres of fabric and 2000 light globes involved, it’s certainly something to see. Of course Chinatown is a great place to visit any time of year, comprising three central city blocks and literally hundreds of restaurants and bars that range from terrible to excellent. Australians are big punters so that element of chance suits us perfectly.


From cheap to expensive, eat at Shanghai Street Dumpling, Shandong Mama, Supper Inn, HuTong Dumpling Bar, Gingerboy, Longrain & Flower Drum.


Drink at The Berlin Bar, The Croft Institute, Section 8, The Emerald Peacock, Double Happiness & New Gold Mountain.


If in doubt, call or write to us and Localing can take you on a Chinatown adventure; day or night, old or young, rich or moderately affluent… just the way you like it.

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