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White Night, So Carnvalesque

February 11, 2014

I once read about a chap called Mikhail Bakhtin who maintained that a little bit of carnival was always a good thing. Righteous, upstanding citizens need a little release every once in a while, to be overcome by the spirit of collective revelry, to sing and dance and get a little hammered. Through the annals of history, in the most rigid of societies, a little bit of rock and roll has always helped to keep the trains running on time and you will have to excuse me for getting well and truly mixed up in my metaphors, I’m just so excited.


White Night is coming to town and in keeping with the spirit of medieval carnival, it’s a February affair; there will be plenty of time to get your shirt all ironed out for Lent. White Night originated in Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1992. It coincides with their summer solstice when the sun barely sets at all. It’s an all night festival of epic proportions and such a grand idea that cities the world over have taken up the tradition.


Last year Melbourne joined the fray and it was a roaring good time. Melbournians love a party, a festival, a bit of culture… and we have been crying out for a few more all night events. What was great last year was a chance to reclaim the city in the name of good times, to stand in the middle of Flinders and Swanston in a mass of people that weren’t busily on their way anywhere at all. Bring caffeine and a hip flask and your dancing shoes, it’s going to be a big one. For a little more of what to expect click here http://whitenightmelbourne.com.au/ or watch this

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