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Melbourne: Liveable and Visitable

June 16, 2014

Monocle recently came out with their latest quality of life results. By most official measures Melbourne does well on a global scale and is regularly commended as one of the worlds most liveable cities. If you're after a safe, comfortable and leisurely lifestyle it is certainly on offer here. What this means for short term visitors is still a mater for interpretation.

Monocle, like The Economist, consider safety, transport and climate as well as things like culture, access to nature and architecture. Many of these factors will certainly appeal to short term visitors but there are other things to consider. Not least of these is the relative distance of Australia from the rest of the world. It's certainly difficult and expensive to get here from just about everywhere else. Even Australians vacation abroad because it's often cheaper and likely more exotic.

We've all got favourite places we've loved visiting we would never want to live, making the question of 'visitable cities,' in many ways a more personal and complicated one. There's many a wonderful adventure to be had in some of the poorest and most challenging places to live, any seasoned traveller can tell you that. So how 'travelable' or 'visitable' are we?

What you won't find in Melbourne is a list of must see attractions. If you're just looking to tick boxes and see sights there are better places, even just in Aus. It's a modern city, built in waves, on the back of its immigrant communities. In a sort of postmodern tradition, it is a unique composition of global influences rather than something completely novel. This can be felt in everything from food and music to architecture and industry. In this way Melbourne begs comparison to cities as diverse as Shanghai and Vancouver, at least according to our guests. You will find much about it familiar and comfortable.

You could dismiss the question as simply a matter of taste but some places are more broadly appealing than others. There's certainly something here for most. Melbourne is one of the world's leading sport destinations and there are few places where you can eat and drink so well.  The nightlife is vibrant with world class bars and live music venues. There's another event, another festival every other day. It's a city full of surprises, that has always valued small and independent over generic and grandiose. We're always finding new cafés and bookstores; all sorts of wonderful little gems in unlikely places.

You will find many happy locals in a place as liveable as ours. We care about having a good work life balance and value being friendly and courteous. From volunteer ambassadors to retail staff to the average bloke on the street, you're likely to be met with smiles, patience and hospitality. Melburnians want you to have a wonderful time here, we want this to be that charming, unexpected little surprise in your itinerary you go home raving about. Sometimes that makes all the difference.

If you do have the time, the energy and the money to get here, you won't be disappointed. We would recommend giving yourself plenty of time because it's a slow burner. Spend a day wandering aimlessly through the laneways of the inner city. Make time for our vibrant inner neighbourhoods like Fitzroy and South Melbourne. Have a night out exploring secret bars, drinking and dancing, and a late night meal in Chinatown. Take a day trip to the Mornington Peninsula or the Great Ocean Road for nature, produce and indulgence, and go see some AFL, Australia's unique brand of football.

What you're likely to enjoy about Melbourne has a lot to do with you. At Localing we dedicate ourselves to knowing our home inside and out, then we take the time to get to know you. We're that handy local friend - hospitable, helpful, full of great ideas to help you make the most of your time here. Our tours are unique, we curate the city especially for you, day or night or both, because people make great travel experiences. Start your planning here.

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