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June 23, 2014

Australia’s European history is a brief one. In just a few hundred years we’ve been through some truly incredible periods. We have plenty of things to be ashamed of and more than enough to make us proud. It can be difficult to explore the past without judging it, which is sometimes unfair but often necessary.


We once championed the cause of a ‘white Australia,’ through politics and policy. For a long time the prevailing wisdom here was that somehow, Australia was a white European country. Anyone who has had the opportunity to look at a map would struggle to understand this. Anyone with regard for the indigenous population predating us by some 40,000 years would similarly struggle. It is hard to believe the many things our ancestors were capable of not so long ago. Future generations may say the same about us. We try to learn from our history.


Melbourne today is richly multicultural. Almost 40% of us were born outside Australia. Since the 1970’s, migration has become increasingly diverse. You can find over twenty different ethnic community areas around the city. We have a vibrant Chinatown, Little Saigon, Little Italy… a Sudanese area, a Turkish area, a Jewish area. What is special here is how much this heritage plays a role in identity. In so many other places you leave this at the door; a part of the past. Here heritage is a living breathing part of who we are - this is the next chapter in a new setting.


Our cities are a cultural pastiche and nowhere more than Melbourne. With influences ranging from Shanghai to Beirut, New York to Arnhem Land; you can really find anything here. Some people consider it a fault that there is very little uniquely Melbourne or Australian about the city. It’s true ‘Australian’ food consists of dim sum, pizza, phở and some Vegemite thrown in for good measure. Our stars get big in Hollywood and we mostly fight in other countries' wars.


What you will find here is an expertly curated selection of the world’s most diverse cultures and traditions. You can find clever ideas, thoughtful design and innovation all brought together in a thriving buzzing mass. Unravelling this is all in a days work for us and the constant surprises fill us with excitement. Everyone loves something different about Melbourne and Localing gives us the opportunity to make that journey with you; to talk about our past and hear about yours and share a moment together where these paths meet.

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