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Gemima Cody, Time Out Melbourne


Leisure Professionals

August 7, 2014

Something a little different today.


When travelling as a student it is almost always on a shoestring. The flexibility and resilience of youth are indispensible in riding out the various challenges of those often chaotic and trying experiences. These were a breeding ground for adventure and we think as fondly of those times as we do our most luxurious travelling experiences.


A lovely part of what we do is getting to know our guests quite intimately in conversation and through shared experiences. On a recent tour we spent time discussing cultural differences; between youth and experience; nationalities; economic circumstances; even our own past and present.


Naturally, there is no one perfect way to travel and what you look for changes over time. The trip, the destination and how long you’re away all play a role in determining the kind of experience you’re likely to want. We’ve run tours for free and specialist tours that were anything but. What really resonates is the variety of ways people can have a wonderful time.



It’s a funny thing, to be a ‘leisure professional’. Our guests come to us expecting to learn, to be engaged, challenged and excited… but to have a good time most of all. It’s what we all want when we travel. Removed from our regular lives we’re a little reflective and really at our best, conscious of the fact that while it is also many other things, the world is a playground.


We take that idea very seriously at Localing Tours. You deserve wonderful experiences and we want to be a part of them when you’re next in Melbourne.

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