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How to Have a Good Time

October 27, 2014

If you’re travelling somewhere new, strangeness is often part of the attraction and a cause for anxiety. Both reactions are quite natural and usually a sign you’re challenging yourself. If you’re travelling with a purpose, for business or some specific occasion well it’s obvious how to be productive. On a holiday or an adventure, making the most of your time can be a more complicated proposition. For many of us, being productive is important. Really relaxing or discovering something new are both valid forms of productivity.


So how do you make the most of your time away? Is it through planning, reading and research? Booking the nicest hotels? Organising the best tours and attractions according to Trip Advisor? Checking out the hottest bars and restaurants or the most beautiful beaches Google can find?

We’ve done all of these and so many more in pursuit of wonderful experiences. Resources have given us the illusion of control but so many of our worst times were meticulously planned, and our best happened quite by accident.


As young travellers we were never much for tours. Part of this was probably the cost but I think we made it sound more romantic than, “I can’t afford it.” For a couple of hours or a couple of days the prospect of having someone else in charge seemed inorganic and contrived. “I just want to wake up and do exactly what I feel like in that moment,” is probably a little more like it.


There is clearly a unique kind of joy, which comes from the wonderful, productive experiences that catch you by surprise. I remember a place in Guatemala I hadn’t heard of and had no interest in visiting. I got stuck there for almost a month and it’s still one of those happy places I go back to in my mind when I’m in need of a pick-up.


Everyone has experiences like that. It’s exactly what we wanted to create on a Localing tour. …But that’s not a tour at all. It’s the opposite of a tour. We’d much prefer to share a unique experience with you. We will guide and facilitate like an incredibly well informed and well-connected local friend. You might learn all about Melbourne along the way but expect to be surprised:


Localing tours are for people who don’t like tours, and they’re wonderful.

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